Sensitivity to God by Kenneth Copeland



I am astounded to watch a reserved section of an auditorium full of preachers and VIPs. Many times, everybody in the congregation is dancing before the Lord and worshipping God, while the ministers and leaders have big frowns on their faces wondering what is going on. In this critical hour in history, we must be more sensitive than that. As shepherds, we have to be sensitive to God and be an example to the sheep.

Most people are not as harsh as the Pharisees, but are still insensitive to the Holy Spirit. Even though the Pharisees left immediately, the rest of them were still watching Jesus to accuse Him. No one in the crowd was healed but the man with the withered arm. Nobody.

Why do you suppose that entire synagogue full of people was insensitive enough to grieve the Holy Spirit? Because their ministers were insensitive to God, and they followed their shepherds into strife, criticism and insensitivity.

As ministers of the gospel, it does not matter how long we have been preaching, how closely we walk in the Word or how deep our prayer life is. All that we have done isn’t enough. We are not close enough and we have not become sensitive enough. We must reach for more. We cannot become satisfied with what we have done.

We must enlarge our hearts and reach out to God. We must bathe ourselves deeply in the sensitiveness of the Holy Spirit. It’s time to think about one another instead of just ourselves. When we do, all of that sensitivity of heart will begin to grow in our congregations.

Let’s reach higher than our differences in the Body of Christ. Let’s be more sensitive to God and to the needs of others. Reach out to one another. Look for opportunities to help your brother. Look for ways to be of service to others. Seek ways to help. Be willing to give the Word of God to those who do not have as much revelation knowledge as you have been blessed with.

Kenneth Copeland

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